Monday, November 19, 2012

Important message from POLAND

 “Ian Johnston, IFSW’s European Executive member who links with Poland said “Social Workers in Poland desperately need an effective network to promote the profession and represent their interests and those they are assisting. This is a really welcome development.”

On 16 November 2012, near Warsaw in Białobrzegi the Founding Group (social workers) established the Polish Trade Union Federation of Social Workers and Social Welfare. The founding members passed a resolution for setting up the federation, federal statutes, and the selection of the Founding Committee. Members of the Federation are the trade union local organizations of social workers and other employees at social welfare system. Who are the authors of this idea? The authors of the idea are representatives of the existing trade union organizations in cities such Krakow, Poznan, Czestochowa, Wroclaw, Warsaw.

Polish Trade Union Federation of Social Workers and Social Welfare
This is not the National Association of Social Workers in Poland. It is a federation of existing trade unions in social welfare institutions. This new organization wants to perform the functions of a trade union for social workers. The union federation also intends to do what it should do a professional association of social workers in Poland.
This goal has been achieved in the framework of the project implemented by the Institute for Development of Social Services (IRSS) in Warsaw. Were planned action to reactivate the Polish Association of Social Workers. The result is the creation of the trade union federation.

The future
It is planned in 2013 to continue the project "Coordination for active inclusion", co-funded by the EU under the ESF (European Social Fund)
Polish name of the project: „Koordynacja na rzecz aktywnej integracji"

below a link to a video clip (Białobrzegi November 16, 2012)
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