Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waste rummaging, protesting Social worker has not been found guilty

All accusations against Norbert Ferencz  have been turned down on 23r of May 2012.
The Supreme Court in Budapest has acquitted Norbert.
Parts of the recent law Norbert has been accused on have been revised being unconstitutional. Therefore there was no further evidence that Norbert has acted against any law.
We are sure all the international protests have supported to revise the law and for Norbert to find him not guilty of any violations.
It is a great victory for the community of social workers and for IFSW global and IFSW-Europe.
The colleagues in Hungary expressed their special thanks to all in IFSW and they are convinced about the impact of the international campaign for solidarity with Norbert Ferencz.

Waste rummaging, protesting Social worker has not been found guilty
23rd of May 2012

taken from: hvg.hu

The Hungarian Supreme Court has acquitted the accused Norbert Ferencz known as „Pumukli” for want of evidence at second instance on Wednesday. This information was submitted by „Társaság a Szabadságjogokért (TASZ)” – a Hungarian advocay organization for protecting liberty rights (editor). The Social worker was accused of exercising civil disorder against an official directive. 
The organization „Új Szemlélet” – which means „Alternate Vision” and is  a group operating against criminalization of homeless people (editor)- has been protesting on 11th of may 2011 against an order in „Józsefváros” ( 8th district in Budapest, editor) criminalizing waste rummaging people for finding food and other goods.
The protesters were themselves taking waste out of public trash cans without scattering it – trying to show the absurdity of the criminalizing order like this. During the protest Norbert Ferencz „Pumukli” – one of the organizers – was arrested, he was defended by „TASZ” afterwards. 

In first instance the Supreme Court adjudged Norbert Ferencz to suspended sentence, TASZ organization immediately appealed against the judgement. 

Till the judicial proceedings were continued in second instance, an important thing concerning that case happened meanwhile: At the end of 2011 the Constitutional Court adjudicated on an official directive in Kaposvár being not diverse from the one in 8th district in Budapest. In its judicial discretion the Constitutional Court found that this official directive was unconstitutional and had to be withdrawn by both Kaposvár and Budapest’s 8th district „Józsefvár”. 

TASZ was referring to this court decision from 2011 by filing the objection in the case of „Pumukli”, accordingly the Social worker had to be acquitted, as the law rendering him liable to prosecution did not exist anymore. 

Afterwards Norbert Ferencz was declaring: „One has to protest resolutely against unconstitutional official directives like this. The official directive was annuled, this means that our protest movement has been successful. I’m very happy about the court decision, but the reasons for the decision are outrageous!”

Stefánia Kapronczay, the program manager of TASZ, added:”We think that Norbert Ferencz was never provoking, but we are satisfied with the acquittal. This is a true direction sign for the legislator!”

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