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Newsletter January 2012 General Council of Social Work in Spain

Newsletter January 2012

New image and logo for the General Council of Social Work in Spain

December 2011 - In the last Assembly, our entity introduced its new corporate image transmitting some of its values: transparency, trust and loyalty. The Council wants to bet this New Year by its Communication Plan (with its updated website in the coming months – ) and its presence in social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LikedIn).

Press releases to the cuts in Social Services in Spain

December 2011 - The global financial crisis is also aff
ected Spain. There is growing widespread concern about the future of social services and social workers, above all to the measures and actions that are taking place in some Spanish towns. The action proposed by the General Council of Social Work is precisely to increase in a social and employment policies and a commitment by Social Services System. We are ensuring to the political forces that the presence of social workers is essential and irreplaceable in the future of Social Services and in this situation of crisis and social cuts. We have communicated this positioning with press releases and our presence at public events with our members and media.

We appreciate the position and commitment that International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) has had to this global crisis situation.

Working dayTheoretical Model about Individual Program of Care for Dependent People Tracking”

November 2011 - During this day the General Council of Social Work, in collaboration with Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality (D.G.IMSERSO), presented a research and development of a theoretical model about Individual Program of Care for Dependent People Tracking, which is one of the instruments of the Law on the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependent People. Its purpose was to train social workers with theoretical and practical tools for a good individual attention and contribute effectively to organizational development under the Law.

Currently the Law application in Spain takes a s
low course and many dependents do not receive the required assistance.

General Council of Social Work has been awarded with Gold Cross of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity 2011.

November 2011 - The Cabinet of Spain has agreed, to the proposal of the Ministry of Health, Social Policies and Equality, to grant the Golden Cross of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity 2011 to the General Council of Social Work. This award recognizes individuals and institutions that have distinguished themselves in the promotion or development of activities and services related to solidarity and social action that have been a benefit social welfare.

National Research Award Ana Díaz Perdiguero 2011

September 2011 Ana I. Lima, President of General Council of Social Work, presented the award to the winner Alba Torices Blanco for her research "XXI Century Social Workers: their current profile” This document gives us an overview about who Spanish social workers are, where they are and they think of their profession, and so on.

Likewise, the second prize was awarded to Alejandro Martin for his work "The inclusion from yourself." This research proposes a change in strategies of social policy and social intervention by empowering users.

The General Council took this opportunity to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Mary Ellen Richmond, presenting her book "Social Diagnosis", which was translated and published by our entity. In this space for the tribute, the social worker Delia Perez Lorenzo wrote and read a emotional and intimate letter to the author.

Collaboration Agreement between Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia and the General Council of Social Work

Septiembre 2011 - The President of the General Council of Social Work, Ana I. Lima Fernandez, signed a collaboration agreement with Pedro Vera Luna, Manager of Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia.

The purpose of this agreement is to establish different channels of cooperation between both organizations and enhance primarily in studies and research in Social Work, for training activities and publications, and to promote initiatives in Europe.

Manifesto for the Defense of Public Social Services System

Septiembre 2011 - The Alliance members presented a Manifesto for the Defense of Public Social Services System, which attempts to summarize some of the claims in a clear and concise to be broadly disseminated to the public, political representatives and the media. Later other Alliance’s action was the development of a document with proposals submitted to Spanish Parliament before the General Election in November 2011. These proposals were presented to all existing parliamentary groups.

This initiative has become known in Seminars, Conferences, Congress, Associations, and will be broadcast on a panel at the Stockholm Conference.

The Alliance’s documents are subject to discussion in social networks, and on the Council website ( and are open to application for membership of individual persons, group or entities. So far over 4,000 people and 200 social organizations have joined the Alliance's actions.

Publications - Journal “Social Services and Social Policy”

The General Council has published the last two editions of the Journal “Social Services and Social Policy”. Currently this publication has a Scientific Advisory Committee, which is made up with important national and international Social Work professionals. Also in recent issues we were able to have the collaboration of international professional articles.

Nº 94: Social Intervention in Social Emergencies II

No. 95: Volunteering

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