Monday, April 5, 2010


World Social Work Day
16th March 2010

Official meeting devoted to the World Social Work Day
„Social work – regulated profession”
15th March 2010, 9.00-14.00
Organized by the Bulgarian Association of Social Workers (BASW)
In partnership with the Agency for Social Assistance (ASA)

Venue: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy,
2 Triaditsa str.;Sofia 1051,
Hall 5, 5th floor

Therefore one of the advisable directions could be to set up a working group which would present to the institutions related with social work as a professions, the NGO sector and other organization, a plan for carrying out a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the theory and practice of social work in Bulgaria and to make recommendations for improving and reforming the profession. These recommendations should follow the national tendencies in the development of the profession as well as the relation of these processes to the European ideas and the Directives for recognition of qualifications and continuing education (1)

In this relation, we have invited representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP), the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), the Ministry of Health (MH), the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Holy Synod and Bulgarian universities to an official meeting on 15th March 2010, at which the topic of the regulation of the social work profession will be opened as an important step towards the improvement of the professionalism of the social workers and the quality of the services provided by them. Experience and ideas will be shared at this meeting with the final goal to establish a working group which will further study the Bulgarian and foreign experience and will draft a strategy and an action plan for regulating the profession in Bulgaria.

09.30 - 10.00 Registration
10.00 - 10.15 Official opening – welcome speeches by the BASW, the International Federation of Social Workers Europe (IFSW), MLSP, ASA
10.15 -10.30 World Social Work Day – from the idea to the realization – BASW
10.30 - 11.15 Regulation of the profession in Bulgaria and worldwide
11.15 - 11.45 Coffee break
11.45 - 13.45 Issues related with the regulation of the profession – discussion.
Establishment of a working group
13.45 - 14.00 Summing up and closing the meeting

(1)The EU Directives facilitate the mobility by obliging the Member States to acknowledge the qualifications acquired anywhere in the EU states in order to allow access of the regulated professions on the territory of all EU Member states /EU Directive 2005836/ЕU/. The citizens of the EU have the right to settle and to provide services anywhere on the territory of the European Union and these rights are among the main freedoms of the free market. Therefore the national legislations which provide for specific professional requirements for certain professions prevent these main freedoms. These obstacles are overcome through the EU laws which guarantee the mutual recognition of qualifications among the Member States. In order to have immediate recognition of the qualifications a certificate for professional practice and experience is needed. These regulated professions have a harmonized basic training for the EU Member States. This means that the professional qualification in every Member State is recognized by the other Member States and allows for the automatic recognition of the qualification. Only qualifications acquired in EU Member States and present in the Directives of the EU are valid for automatic recognition. If one plans to practice in another EU Member State they can apply to the relevant agency for automatic recognition of the respective qualification.

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