Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This picture taken by Herbert Paulischin with special effects from the Finish Association of Social Workers, was sent out on the Social Work Action Day in November 2005 It is with this picture that we would like to start connecting with all Colleagues Social Workers, Social Work Students and everybody else who we hope will start visiting this blog sharing news and information with us, sending us comments or just contacting us.

You are all very wellcome to help us in turning this into an active way of communication on Social Work and social policy issues on an international level.

Please send us your comments in English, French or Spanish always identifying yourself (Name, Profession) and we'll be very pleased to post your comments on the blog.

All the Best,

The blog team

Anthea Agius
Cristina Martins
Siobhan Maclean

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Secretary-General said...

Congratulations to IFSW Europe with this new and exciting initiative from the IFSW global secretariat.
Tom Johannesen and René Schegg