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DELEGATES MEETING for IFSW Europe e.V. 4 – 6 September 2015

4 – 6 September 2015

Edinburgh, Scotland

Venue: Grassmarket Community Project Centre, 86 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh EH1 2QA
Friday 4th September
First day of Delegates’ Meeting - Time: 1400 - 1700

IFSW Europe e.V. will host a dinner for Delegates on Friday 4th September 2000

Saturday 5th September
Second day of Delegates’ Meeting 0900 - 1700

Socializing in IFSW Europe – IFSW Europe celebrates 50 years supporting social workers on Saturday 5th September 1700

Sunday 6th September
Final day of Delegates’ Meeting 0900 – 1300


First day of Delegates’ Meeting - Time: 1400-1700

1.    Welcome and Formalities
1.1.  Welcome and presentation from the British Association of Social Workers
1.2.  Approval of the agenda and timetable   
2.    Minutes of the Delegates Meeting 2014                          
2.1.  The DM held in Madrid, Spain on 16-18 May 2014     
To receive the minutes, consider any amendments and approve

3.    Matters arising from the minutes
      To consider any matters not otherwise on the agenda

4.    Presentation of the Executive Committee's written report for approval; report from the Executive Committee and presentation of a draft Work Programme for the coming period
The work programme is presented devised in the following areas:                  
4.1.  Communication and European Social Platform Comms
4.2.  IFSW European Conference 2015 and IFSW European Conference 2017
4.3.  Project: Economic Crisis in Europe- Challenge and Response of Social Work Profession
4.4.  Ensact/ European Observatory/ Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development
4.5.  Connecting members Project/ Membership Development/ Review of Membership in IFSW
4.6.  The Social Work Role and Identity Project
4.7.  The Development of Social Work in New Social Work Countries
4.8.  Finances and Legal Body Maintenance

        To report, discuss and recommend for the future

Second day of Delegates’ Meeting 0900-1700

5.    Reports from internal and external representatives of IFSW Europe
5.1.  Council of Europe
5.2.  Human Rights
5.3.  Ethics
5.4. EU Issues and Coordination of IFSW Europe input to the European Social Platform, the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN), Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) and  European Organisation of Rare Diseases (EURORDIS) (break out session)
5.5. ENS4Care Project

6.    Report from the IFSW President and Secretary General (IFSW Global)     
To receive a report

7.    Consideration and amendments to the Articles and Bylaws of IFSW Europe
7.1.  There are no proposed amendments to the Articles
7.2.  Amendments to the Bylaws, if any
7.3.  To consider any proposals for amendments to be voted on in 2016

8.    European Conferences
The IFSW European Conference 2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland 6-9 September 2015
The IFSW European Conference 2017 in Reykjavík, Iceland 28-30 May 2017

9.    Consideration of any other proposals
9.1. Statements
9.2. Delegates Meeting 2016
9.3. Other proposals

Final day of Delegates’ Meeting 0900-1300

10. Final adoption of the Work Programme 2015-16                                               
            To discuss proposals and to approve the work programme

11.  Approval of the annual accounts and the report of the auditors     
11.1.Report from the Honorary Treasurer, including the accounts for 2014      
11.2.                 Report from the auditor                                                                                                                        

12. Ratification of the general and financial policies of IFSW Europe e.V.
12.1.               Decision on the annual membership dues (regional fees)           
12.2.Review of activities and accounts of IFSW Europe e.V.
12.3.Appointment of an independent auditor

13. Elections
13.1. Election of members of the Executive Committee
Two members are elected in even years, based on nominations
14.  Appointment of external and internal representatives of IFSW Europe e.V.
14.1.    Representative of IFSW Europe e.V. to Council of Europe – and a support team for the appointed person
14.2.    An IFSW European contact person to the Global Human Rights Commission – and a support team for this person
14.3.    An IFSW European contact person to the Global expert group on Ethics – and a support team for this person
14.4.    IFSW Europe e.V. Election Officer. The European Elections Officer is a European appointment just for European elections within the frames of the IFSW European Delegate Meeting
14.5.    IFSW Europe e.V. Representative for the European Social Platform and a support team for this person, designated as the Social Platform Team. This includes working with the European Social Platform, the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN), the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) and the European Organisation of Rare Diseases (EURORDIS)
14.6.    IFSW Europe e.V. Representative for the ENS4Care Project and a support team for this person

15. Any other business
            To consider any additional business approved by the meeting
            To close the meeting

2015-07-05 Executive Committee of IFSW Europe e.V.

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