Friday, March 14, 2014


Dear colleagues, 
Today, Wednesday 12th of  March, Greek public sector workers shut schools and left hospitals and public services on emergency staffing levels to protest against Government plans to fire a number of public servants due to Troika’s demands.

About 40 social workers of the public sector are about to lose their jobs and a lot more are threatened  by government’s plans for dismissals. Living in austerity for four years, vulnerability has become mainstream for people living in Greece. In such crisis for the people, adequately staffed Social Services are needed to assist people to access food, shelter, warmth and sustainable support networks. On the contrary, Greek Government chooses to dismiss  social workers, amongst other professionals, to cut expenses.

Hellenic Association of Social Workers joined 24 hour strike of Greek Public Sector Workers Strike as a part of action for the Social Work Day. A lot of social workers joined  march to Greek Parliament against public sector dismissals demanding strong social services for the people.
Greek Social Workers believe that Investing in social work and social services will contribute to reducing short-term suffering and mitigate some of the long term consequences of the crisis.
SKLE (Hellenic Association of Social Workers), on the occasion of Social Work Day, calls all Social Workers and Students Social Workers in Greece to join :
  • next Greek Public Sector Workers Strike and march to Parliament on 19th of March
  • Antiracist and Antifascist rally in the center of Athens on 22nd of March
I attach some photos of todays march

Best Regards
Periklis Tziaras, 
Member of Board of SKLE (Hellenic Association of Social Workers)

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