Saturday, November 2, 2013

IFSW Europe: Key documents with a new design

Dear Colleagues,

IFSW Europe has secured services of a professional designer, Maria Mónica, who is working on the area of communication. One of her responsibilities is to organize graphically all key documents and produce new standard material for IFSW Europe.Maria Mónica is a Portuguese professional designer and musician who lives in Porto and works at Casa da Música, one of the best known music and arts institutions in Portugal.In March 2013 Maria assisted us with the production of the video message for IFSW Europe for the occasion of World Social Work Day.

Maria Mónica

See images of the following papers:

. Executive Members Work Portfolio (revised)

. Connecting Members Project

Soon we will send out the next edition of our newsletter EUROPEAN SOCIAL WORKER in a new format.

With best wishes,
Cristina Martins
President of the IFSW European Region
[International Federation of Social Workers – Europe e.V.]

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