Monday, July 29, 2013

Spain: Social Work in emergencies!

Dear Colleagues,
After the recent tragic train accident in Santiago, Spain, many Social Workers across the country have contacted the General Council of Social Work in Spain offering to work as volunteers with the local emergency groups.
Ana Isabel Lima, president of the Spanish Association of Social Workers felt even more proud to be a social worker and thanked all colleagues from Spain for their solidarity with the families’ victims and for the great intervention colleagues from Galicia have managed to provide locally. 
Social Workers have been in the front line supporting families in grief during these days.
IFSW European executive deeply regrets this tragedy and sends condolences to the families of the victims.
We also feel very proud to hear about the great solidarity of social workers and their willingness in supporting voluntarily their colleagues in Galicia.
IFSW Europe is always keen to promote social work intervention to help giving more visibility to the social work profession that has a fundamental role in emergency’s situations.
We congratulate our Spanish colleagues for their action in dealing with such a tragic situation and send our best wishes and support from Europe.
With best wishes,
Cristina Martins
President of the IFSW European Region
[International Federation of Social Workers – Europe e.V.]
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A new campaign "Hasta Aquí", against the reform of Local Administration has started recently in Spain. See link below with photos from demonstrations in Spain.

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