Sunday, March 17, 2013

World Social Work day in Finland

Talentia offers cake on over 300 work places in Finland – this means that thousands of people will hear of this day and have a good reason to celebrate social work. We have invited people to post photos and greetings of the day’s celebrations to Talentia’s Facebook-page: We have encouraged people to take the opportunity to invite local media and decision makers for a cup of coffee and cake and to discuss the impacts of social work and social investments.

We have asked professionals of social work to spread the news on WSWD by sending out e-cards (in Finnish):

We will also encourage people to change their profile pictures for the day to our e-card image, telling their network about the WSWD.

We have also spread the link of the WSWD poster and WSWD news tag on Twitter and IFSW web-site.

Our message: We will use this day to encourage social work professionals to be prominent figures in our society and speak on behalf of social investments.Read more in English on our goals, message and actions for the day:

Kind regards and have a great WSWD!

Heidi Schrooten

communications planner

Trade Union for Professional Social Workers Talentia

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