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Right to Family Reunification No family should be discriminated

Press Release

Right to Family Reunification: No family should be discriminated!

On 1st March 2012, COFACE, the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union, responded to the Green Paper on the right to family reunification of third country nationals living in the European Union (Directive 2003/86/EC), highlighting the family dimension and the family perspective, bringing first hand information from its member organisations and recalling key principles for the effective implementation of the right to family reunification.

In its response, COFACE stresses that the right to family life is recognised in International and European Human Rights Instruments and therefore, families should be supported and facilitated in the fulfilment of such a right, with no discrimination of individuals or of family forms.

COFACE stands for the right to family reunification and therefore rejects mandatory pre-entry measures that could prevent or discriminate some families from reunification (low income, low educated, disadvantaged groups…).

“It is unacceptable that families are denied reunification and therefore a fulfilling family life, because they are poor or have a low income. This also denies for themselves and their children the possibility of escaping poverty, notwithstanding their efforts to do so”, stressed William Lay, COFACE Director.

COFACE calls for a harmonisation of standards in all EU Member States, including those who opted-out, and their real and effective implementation, as a fundamental step to a growth and inclusive society.

Family reunification is a vector of social cohesion and integration, therefore, no family should be discriminated and prevented from such right.

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