Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Latest developments of the FRP

Dear FRP participants,

We are pleased to inform you of the latest developments of the FRP.

- 5th FRP meeting:

The date for the 5th FRP meeting is finally fixed. It will take place on 19 -20 April in Vienna. Save this date and please disregard previously announced dates.

The process of selecting topics for the meeting is still on-going in consultation with the Advisory Panel. More information on this will follow soon.

FRP expansion:

As Croatia is about to join the EU, we will be launching the first call for participation for Croatian CSOs as observers, in the forthcoming weeks.

In the same period, as required by the Code of Conduct, the process for renewal of participation for those organisations who have been in the FRP since 2008 will also kick off.

The third call for participation will take place in 2012. The new Multi-annual Framework for the FRA for 2013-2017 will be adopted next year and the expansion will be a good opportunity to line up the FRP with the new areas of work of the Agency. Besides, it won’t overlap with the processes of renewal and expansion to Croatia, allowing enough time for rigorous and smooth processes. It is meant to be a targeted expansion in order to increase balance between the thematic areas that CSOs focus on, the Member-States they are based in and the strands of CS they represent.

More information on this will be shared with you before the end of the year.

FRP Consultations on Multi-annual Framework for the FRA for 2013-2017 and Annual Report:

We would like to thank all of you, who took part in these consultations, in spite of recurrent technical problems with the e-FRP. The FRP Team will send feedback to you on the results of both consultations in November.

The Advisory Panel Meeting report:

The Advisory Panel met on 19-20 September in Vienna. Discussions were mainly on the new Multi-annual Framework for the FRA (2013-2017) (MAF) and the possibility of former third pillar issues to become part of the new MAF of the Agency; on further developments of the FRP, including communication, FRP at national level, cooperation, expansion. The 5th FRP meeting was also discussed and a presentation on the Annual Report and on the Annual Work Programme 2013 of the FRA were made.

A report will be sent out by end of October.

2011-2012 FRP Framework Document:

In order to have a clear vision of the direction the FRP is taking for the rest of 2011 and 2012, including issues mentioned above, a Framework document is being prepared. It tackles issues such as project-related cooperation between the FRP and the FRA; best use of FRP consultations and feedback to the FRP; further development of the FRA-FRP communication strategy; expansion of the FRP, geographic and thematically and the FRA evaluation.

It will be shared with all participants before the end of the year

With best regards,

Ines Albergaria

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