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Is social work an act of incitement in Hungary?

Is social work an act of incitement in Hungary?

Our fellow social worker Norbert Ferencz (Pumukli), member of the Új Szemlélet group represents radical social work, and is now under trial for incitement, a felony punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment!

His „crime” is participating in a vocational demonstration with the Új Szemlélet group, aimed specifically against the municipal ordinance that classified dumpster diving a misdemeanour, whereby he stood up for his offender colleagues and called upon the solidarity of all present. The 8th District Prosecution has recognized this act on Norbert Ferencz’s behalf as incitement against the public peace and a call for general dissent. He is under accusation for a felony.

We hereby invite members of the press and fellow social workers to the trial, as well as the preceding social worker’s oath, and request that you inform the public that in Hungary today, social workers who adhere to the Social worker’s code of ethics and express their professional stance openly are liable to punishment and criminal accusation.

Social worker’s code of ethics (excerpt):

Point 10: It is the social worker’s responsibility, as well as a right and duty of the undersigned professional organizations, to call the attention of decision makers and the general public to their respective responsibility for the emergence of poverty and suffering as well as for their obstruction of the alleviation thereof.

Point 11: Social workers facilitate social change through their activities and professional stance.”


To whom it may concern,

(1.) Please sign and share this petition:

The story and the contacts are to be found below my signature!

The City Court of Budapest (= 1st level!) has found our colleague guilty,

and sentenced him to 3 years probation on November 4, 2011.

Please do not hesitate to raise your further questions to me!

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