Friday, July 8, 2011


A DVD focusing on Social Work and Human Rights was produced and a Song was composed and recorded for the soundtrack of the DVD that was launched at the Delegates Meeting in Brussels in April 2011.

The DVD will be on YouTube very soon.

This video is composed of nine small situations that give examples of positive images that encourage disadvantaged, marginalized people or people dealing with difficulties in the society, to be helped by social workers, for a better quality of life. It shows some areas where social workers intervene, making a difference to people’s lives.

The DVD was directed and produced by Joana Domingues. Joana Domingues is Portuguese has studied in the Catholic University of Porto where she got a degree in Sound and Image and a master in Television. She did recently a post graduation in movie direction at the FAMU, Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

She has been doing a lot of media work that can be watched in Internet such as video clips for example “Me Jane” to Andrew Thorn

and short cuts for example: “O Nariz” (The Nose)

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