Sunday, June 5, 2011

EU Strategy on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAW)‏

New Council of Europe treaty will ‘change the lives of millions of women’

Strasbourg, 12.04.2011 – “The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women will change the lives of many dozens of millions of women who are victims of violence, helping them find protection, assistance and justice,” said José Mendes Bota (Portugal, EPP/CD), Chairperson of the PACE Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, hailing the adoption of the Convention by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers last week.

“For all those who are committed to eradicating violence against women and domestic violence, there exists now a comprehensive and far-reaching legal instrument, which from 11 May 2011 will be opened for signature to all states, in Europe and beyond.”
“In addition to having a decisive role in relation to the ratification process, national parliaments will play an unprecedented role in the context of the Convention, as they will be participating in monitoring its implementation. At the same time, they should play a special role in calling on their governments to sign the Convention without delay and limit as far as possible any reservations made.”

“There are many millions of women in the world who are victims of violence. This Convention will make a difference. It must be supported, signed and ratified by the widest possible number of states so as to ensure that this evil can be eradicated and that women’s human rights are fully respected and protected. We hope to see as many member states as possible on the first line of signatures on the Convention in Istanbul.”

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