Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Intercultural cities Newsletter N°9 / Bulletin N°9 des Cités interculturelles‏

Dear colleagues,

The ninth issue of the Intercultural Cities newsletter is now available:

In English

Intercultural Oslo
Intercultural cities in Japan
Neuchâtel in action
New initiatives in Lublin
Masterclass in Melitopol
Bari Intercultural cities forum
Reggio Emilia in the press

En Français

Oslo, cité interculturelle
Les Cités interculturelles au Japon
Neuchâtel en action
Nouvelles initiatives à Lublin
Masterclass à Melitopol
Forum de Bari
Reggio d’Emilie dans la presse

Intercultural cities – governance and policies for diverse communities is a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European commission. In the context of the programme, pilot cities across Europe are developing comprehensive intercultural strategies to foster positive public perceptions of diversity and intercultural approaches in governance and a range of policy fields.

Irena Guidikova


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