Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Head Office of General Council of Social Work of Spain‏

New Head Office of General Council of Social Work of Spain

Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure for us to communicate you that the General Council of Social Work of Spain is moving his head office. We want to share with you all our emotion for moving to a place that we understand it is more adapted for our activity, representation and institutional image.
I want to propose you to take part of the mural that is going to decorate the entry of the Council. It is a vinyl and the image will be a mosaic. Every photo will look like as a very small photo but all together will form a big photo of a city. Only they are seen if you approach very much to the wall. To form it we expect that you send us photos from acts, congresses… We all be as one. We would be charmed if you take part of this. I encourage you to send us your photos (we recommend photos of great size and high resolution). I wait for your images before February the 20th.

Best regards,

Ana I. Lima Fernández

Avd. Reina Victoria, 37-2º C – 28003 Madrid
Tel: (+34) 91 541.57.76-77 - Fax: (+34) 91 535.33.77

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