Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Dear Members,
Mark the date! Seminar on our Annual Theme on January 12 (14.00-17.00)
Social Platform will organise the first seminar dedicated to our Annual Theme on Care on Tuesday, January 12 from 14.00 till 17.00. The goal is to identify key areas of work for our annual theme. To customise the session to the members who will be present at the seminar, please register with Ariella by December 18.
Professor Fiona Williams, the author of the excellent UN paper entitled "Claiming and Framing in the Making of Care Policies: the Recognition and Redistribution of Care", will be discussing the annual theme with us.

Fiona Williams has done extensive work on the theme of Care in Europe, and has a good insight of social NGOs claims on the issue. This is how she describes social NGOs in her paper:
“Contemporary claims-makers in care comprise many groups: women’s organisations mobilizing for the recognition of unpaid care work, and for collective commitment to the care of younger children and older people as part of gender equality at home and at work; movements of disabled people demanding empowerment and independent living; advocates for children, service-user organisations and care professionals lobbying for improvements in the quality of care services, and public sector trade unions seeking better conditions for paid care work. Added to these are smaller self-help and voluntary groups who provide support, recognition and voice to users of services, to children, migrant, ethnic and sexual minority groups who find themselves marginalized from access to services. The common mobilizing discourses that feed the articulation of care needs tend to focus on equality, empowerment of service-users, universal access to financial support and collective services, time to care, independence and autonomy, social rights, quality and choice in care, and care-recognition”.
And this is how she assesses the claim made by some of the NGOs:
“These claims constitute demands for recognition, rights and the redistribution of responsibilities in relation to care, and that they look to an overarching frame of social justice. The analysis of policy-making in Europe shows that some of the discourses attached to notions of social justice find reflection in care policy but that the dominant frame is that of care policy as a form of social investment in human capital”.
If you wish further information or to discuss the annual theme with us, the person responsible in the Management Committee is Heather Roy. For the secretariat, please contact Pierre Baussand.

Pierre Baussand
Policy Officer
Social Platform

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