Tuesday, December 15, 2009


IFSW (Europe) – Statement on Climate Change

The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), European Region represents 165,600 social workers from 35 countries who share a collective commitment to ethical practice and the human rights of all citizens. The Federation is a member of Social Platform (The Platform of European Social NGOs).

Social Workers across the globe provide essential welfare services to people of all ages from every walk of life. Our duties include responsibility to challenge injustice and fight for the rights of marginalized individuals and groups. Persons requiring the support or care of social workers are often more vulnerable to the impact of climate change and less able to rebuild their lives following natural disaster as a consequence of poverty, illness or disability.

Stressing the need to ensure that the well-being of every citizen lies at the heart of civilised society, Nicolai Paulsen, IFSW European President, urged governments of all countries and collective and constituent European as well as global organisations to work together to combat harmful climate change and implement robust measures that minimise the impact of natural disasters and uphold the fundamental right of all human beings to enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling life with adequate water, food, energy, sanitation and housing. The Global community must find ways to provide funding to help poorer countries protect themselves and their economies against the effects of climate change also to stop a growing number of displaced people.

10th December 2009

For more information on the work of IFSW Europe contact:

Nicolai Paulsen (President) e-mail vpeur@ifsw.org
Siobhan Maclean (Honorary Secretary) e-mail europe.ifsw@gmail.com

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