Sunday, December 6, 2009

Building the Global Action Agenda at the 2010 Joint World Conference in Hong Kong‏

The international hosts of the upcoming 2010 Joint World Conference in Hong Kong are preparing the Action Agenda for the next decade. Since the Conference program is build around the keywords

Together we build the Agenda
Together we face the challenges
Together we thrive

the Agenda building process will be the responsibility of the global social work family. To assure this, IFSW has started a web-based discussion on the following three papers of which two are already available online:

- Poverty eradication: the role of social work
- Ageing and older adults
- Social work and service users

The Agenda will only become global having the participation of most of social workers, social work educators or all involved in social development. We therefore encourage all to actively get involved in the discussion. The initial paper will regularly been updated according to the outcomes of this democratic process.

We invite you to join the Hong Kong consultation. Please find it under the following links:

- Introduction
- Poverty eradication: the role of social work
- Ageing and older adults

We highly appreciate any contribution. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Many thanks!

Best wishes

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