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1.Dubrovačko-neretvanska County; half-day field visit /13:00 -19:30/
Number of participants: 28
Price: 15 euro
Group leaders: Meri Gatin, Ljiljana Vrbić

-Visits to institutions and associations in the City of Metković, located in the Neretva river valley at a little less than 100 km ride from Dubrovnik on the scenic road that goes alongside the Adriatic Sea and the fertile Neretva valley.
-Participants will get acquainted with the work of Home for Old and Disabled and Mentally Disabled Persons Metković
-A visit will be organized to the civil society association „UTIM“/Association of Physically Disabled of Metković/ and the association Don Ante Gabrić which offers a half-day residence service for elderly persons from the Neretva valley area, as well as help and care in the house.
-Participants will visit the village Vid situated on the remnants of ancient Greek city of Narona and the archeological museum.

2.Međugorje; full-day field visit /9:00 - 19:30/
Number of participants: 20 euro
Group leaders: Petar Škrmeta and Ivica Poljak

Međugorje is the world known Catholic sanctuary in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
2.5 hours bus ride from Dubrovnik.
-Organized visit to „Cenacolo“ community with presentation of community’s program and community drug addiction treatment /including real life stories of addicts and their parents/, after which a roundtable will be held providing an opportunity for the participants to share their experiences
-An alternative workshop on „Community Drug Abuse Control Program“ will take place
-Organized sightseeing of Međugorje, St. Jacob church, Appearance Hill and Križevac

3.City of Korčula and Blato; full-day field visit /9:00-20:00/
Number of participants: 50
Price: 25 euro
Group leaders: Tatjana Katkić Stanić, Marija Pletikosa
Bus ride to the Pelješac peninsula; ferry ride from Orebić, the cradle of sea captains, to Korčula, the city of Marco Polo.
The City of Korčula is one of the most beautiful historical cities of Croatia. The Statute of Korčula City and Korčula Island that governed the life in the medieval city was written in the 13th century, thus being one of the oldest legal documents in Europe.
-presentation of competences and work of the Center for Social Care Korčula which is legally empowered to perform 140 different public authorities from different fields, such as social care, family law and criminal law protection
-guided tour of the old city and visiting the birth house of Marco Polo
-at 14:00 hrs: departure to Blato, the oldest settlement in Korčula. It is situated in the insides of the island which guaranteed the safety from pirate invasion.
-visit to the facility for accommodation of physically ill adults and the presentation of its work
-presentation of the program of local social welfare policy intended to stop the emigration from the island, as an exodus to countries of South America took place over many centuries.
-sightseeing of the city and attendance of the performance of „Kumpanija“ on St. Vincent’s Day
Originally, Kumpanija was the name of the army that defended the city and over the years became a folk and an attractive knightly fence and dance.

3.CAVTAT; half-day field visit /14:00 – 18:00/
Number of participants 28
Price: 10 euro
Group leaders: Tomislav Anđelković, Sandra Čirinagić
-visit to the institution for persons with retarded psychophysical development „Dom Josipovac“ and presentation of its work; the institution accommodates the total of 50 residents and day care users with severe, moderate and mild mental retardation
-sightseeing of Cavtat and Konavle

5.Dubrovnik; Home for Old and Disabled „Domus Christi“ and Home for Old and Disabled „Dubrovnik“; half-day field visit /14:00-18:00/
Number of participants: 30
Price: 7 euro
Group leaders: Marica Miletić
The Home „Domus Christi“ opened in 1347 and is one of the oldest social institutions in the Republic of Croatia; it currently provides permanent residence service to 93 users.
The Home for Old and Disabled Dubrovnik offers, in addition to residence service, a non-institutional care, such as help and care in the house.
-Organized visit to institutions where work and experiences in working with old and disabled persons will be demonstrated.
-Trip to Mokošica, the subsidiary of this institution, situated at the mouth of a river Ombla, where that river flows into the Adriatic Sea. After the visit and the presentation of work, a reception with music will take place.

6.Dubrovnik; Family Center of Dubrovačko-neretvanska County
Half-day field visit /14:00-17:00/
Number of participants: 20
Price: 7 euro
Group leaders: Marko Gregurević, Vlasta Grgec-Petroci

-Presentation of work of the Family Center that, within the framework of its field of activity, provides advisory and preventive services by offering support to families, children and youth with the following aims: prevention of psychosocial disorders among children and youth, encouraging the family dialogue, increasing knowledge and level of parenting skills, promotion of inclusion of socially vulnerable groups, empowerment of families with children with special needs, and development of cooperative network of institutions and civil society associations.
-exchange of experience and debate between participants

7.Dubrovnik; Association FENIKS for protection of children and youth from negligence, abuse and family violence, founded in the year 2000 as the only association of this kind in the area of Dubrovačko-neretvanska County
Half-day filed visit /14:00-18:00/
Price: 7 euro
Number of participants: 15
Group leaders: Marijana Ercegović

-Workshop on prevention of violence in adolescent relationships in one of the Dubrovnik high-schools during which participants will take part together with their group leaders and 3 short films related to physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse will be played
-presentation of the implementation of the program for psychosocial treatment of the coercer
-exchange of experience and debate between participants

8.Dubrovnik; Home for Children and Young Adults „Maslina“ operates in Dubrovnik since 1432 and is one of the world oldest institutions of this kind
-At present, the home accommodates 30 children from the City of Dubrovnik and Dubrovačko-neretvanska County area
-Half-day field visit /14:00-18:00/
-Number of participants: 30
-Price: 7 euro
-Group leaders: Ilijana Stojanović, Domagoj Kroinstain
-Presentation of work of the institution through programs of permanent or weekly residence and of day care service for children without adequate parental care, children without parents and neglected or abused children
-Presentation of foster care for children in the Republic of Croatia, as an alternative and adequate care service characteristic for the deinstitutionalization process, and of problems of foster care development
-exchange of experience and debate between participants

9.Dubrovnik; Center for Social Care Dubrovnik is a public institution situated in the old town
Half-day field visit /14:00-18:00/
Price: 7 euro
-Group leaders: Katica Raić, Štefica Karačić
-presentation of competences and work of the Center for Social Care which is legally empowered to perform 140 different public authorities from different fields, such as social care, family law and criminal law protection; expert’s work is divided into two expert groups: the Department for Social Care that encompasses activities related to general social care and to physically or mentally disabled persons, and the Department for protection of children, marriage and family whose activities relate to custody, legal protection of children and young persons with behavioral disorders
-exchange of experience and debate between participants

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